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Tag: moving

Lent Poetry: Moving Day

and as I sat there
I felt the energy
of us
melt away from the house
they said
“We’re done.”

I signed the papers
turned out the lights
locked the doors
and suddenly
it was the place
we once lived in

and not

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Lent Poetry: Anxiety

you’re just left bare
because the emotions
just flood you
and you can’t stand

a forging
of the soul
when you know you
can’t hide
whatever you are

and you just have
to ride
the wave
because if you fight it
it will
eat you

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Lent Poetry: Sleepy

you know it’s time for bed
when you are watching
without thinking about it

because right now
that is what I’m doing

and writing poetry

because that’s the
21st century

and my wife is home
and I’m not

time for bed

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Lent Poetry: Two Weeks

I am ready
for the boxes to be packed
and the movers
to take away the contents
of our house

I am ready
to see the sun from a
different place
to experience the seasons
and unpack boxes

I am ready
to set up altars
and desks
to do writing
in the new house

I am ready
for the new
and the different
to be with my wife
in a new place
with new people

I am ready
for the moving
to be complete
and for our lives
to move forward

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