Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Nerd Coffee is cancelled until further notice.

Do you like Star Trek, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, or other scifi and fantasy series (books or TV)? Or maybe Marvel Universe movies and comics?

Got a weird hobby or collection like fountain pens, ham radio, or synths? Or maybe cosplay, or handspinning, or are goth, into SCA, or anything like that?

Like to talk about the philosophical implications of artificial intelligence, or maybe you are part of some magickal tradition, or are into occult things?

Want to meet other nerdy folks in Zurich, have coffee (or other tasty beverages) and chat about your nerdy things?

Then come to Nerd Coffee!

Your hosts are Gina and Sarah, two very nerdy folks, who like to hang out with other nerdy folks and chat about our passions (or maybe obsessions?). Between us we do and like a lot of things including: ham radio, technology and gadgets, sci fi/fantasy books and TV shows, occult, fiber arts, maker stuff, synths (and music in general), fountain pens, writing, and many other things that I’m probably not remembering.

We’ll have a topic each month, and we’re always open for suggestions!

Currently Nerd Coffee is held on the 4th Sunday of the month at the Starbucks across from Bahnhof Enge (Seestrasse 19, 8002 Zürich) from 14:00-16:00. If it’s nice we’ll sit outside, but if it’s not so nice, we’ll be inside. Grab a coffee, then look for the white, fluffy UniPig, or the big woman with the shaved head!

We are LGBQA and Transgender friendly. Sure, we may have heated debates, but harassment of any kind (sexual, physical, and otherwise) is not allowed and we will ask you to leave if you are being a jerk (or more if the situation warrants it).

Gina and the Fluffy UniPig