Rev. Gina A. Pond

Writer. Pastor. Priest.


I learned things…

After graduating high school in 1994, I went to Elmira College to pursue a degree in Biochemistry. For 13 years, after graduating in 1998, I worked as a Quality Control and Documentation specialist in the Biotechnology industry. In 2011 I left the Biotech industry to attend seminary at Pacific School of Religion where I graduated with a Masters of Divinity degree in 2014.

I became a priest and moved a lot…

I was initiated into an Alexandrian-type coven in 1999 in the Boston area and received my Second Degree in that coven in 2001. I left that coven in 2003 and moved to California in 2005. After a few years of not doing much public pagan work, I founded the Circle of Cerridwen with my wife in 2009. I received my Third Degree, along with my wife, on Beltane of 2010. In November 2013, in my last year of seminary, I was approved for ordination in the Progressive Christian Alliance (PCA).  After my ordination ceremony, I volunteered as webmaster for the PCA, and eventually was elected to the Leadership Council in 2016 as Member-at-Large. Towards the end of my term, in a special election, I was elected Leadership Council chair for a three year term (2018-2020). In March of 2017, my wife and I moved to the Chicago area for a year, but then, because of personal and political concerns, we decided to leave the United States. In July of 2018 we moved to Zurich, Switzerland. Publicly, I’ve also given workshops on gender issues at Pantheacon, and have given workshops about the language we use to describe health and body size. I also do spiritual direction and other spiritual services, including rituals and divination.

But really, I write and know things…

In addition to being a writer and a priest, I’m also an open water swimmer, weaver, amateur home cook, crocheter, yarn spinner, and ham radio operator. Oh, and I usually have brightly colored, or completely shaved, hair, as the mood strikes.