Content Warning: Emotional and physical abuse, gaslighting, financial abuse, mention of kink abuse I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts in the wake of Moira Greyland publishing her book about her life and the accusations she made against Isaac Bonewits. You’ve got the usual spread of folks who don’t believe it, folks who do, and folks who are somewhere in between. There are also getting writings about what leaders and groups should do about harassment, and about preventing these types of things from happening. This isn’t about what folks should or shouldn’t do. You need to follow your ownContinue Reading

When I write about not being abusive to allies, I get told that I’m oppressing the marginalized and that allies should just sit down and shut up. And I wonder: when did verbal abuse in social justice become ok? When I write about not shaming those who can’t march, or call, or who can’t speak out because doing these things are not possible, or could put them in danger, I get told that my/their silence is assent. And I wonder: when did shaming and ableism in social justice become ok? When I write about the elephants in the social justiceContinue Reading