I watch from above or behind the curtains from the end of the bed the box in the corner I talk to you when I need something and sit on you when i want to or when you’re sad or sick or happy I will ignore you sometimes and sometimes you will ignore me but you are my human that how it is

lightning thunder sounds of a new place familiar sounds of rain washing the earth clean it lulls me to sleep saying hold here and rest

The house feels like ours because we chose this one or maybe, Spirit led us to this one but this on we chose and it feels right

Figuring where things go cooking the first meal falling on the stairs feeling the energy driving a new car heating and cooling fixed body and mind catching up decisions being made life moving forward

the shift in energy the tilt of the dial spirits come and go but always remind me that I am Priest The Universe always tells me with a text from a friend or the cawing of a Crow I am Priest I am always Priest

and as I sat there I felt the energy of us melt away from the house until, finally they said “We’re done.” I signed the papers turned out the lights locked the doors and suddenly it was the place we once lived in and not home