I didn’t think I could fall in love with a city, but I’m falling in love with Zürich. Right now, I’m sitting at a local coffee shop, and I can hear the church bells ringing close by. I got here by bus (we have two bus stops within easy walking distance from our house) and a short walk. The coffee, of course, is excellent. While I sit here, I can look across the street at an older apartment building that has old European style architecture. I look left and there’s a very modern looking building, and when I look rightContinue Reading

It’s a gloomy, rainy day here in Chicago, and it seems rather fitting that today. So many Ancestors in so short of time. I’ve already done my rituals: lit candles and incense. But today I feel the need to write about them and what they meant to me. A little less than two weeks ago, my mentor and friend, Lizann Bassham passed after a long struggle with cancer. She had decided that she wanted to stop treatment and die on her own terms. Her partners kept vigil with her, both in person and online, updating those of us who couldn’tContinue Reading

(I missed a day! Oops) when I know I have to eat or when I have to not eat a particular thing because it makes me ill it’s like I have to welcome a demon in just to feel well: that demon being the one that tells me how ugly I am and how unacceptable I am The one that tells me that I shouldn’t bother to eat – especially not in front of people – because the fat girl really shouldn’t eat in public but I can’t get away from eating because humans have to eat we’re addicted toContinue Reading

I refuse to moralize you I refuse to fight you, count you, or categorize you as good or evil. I’ll try not to restrict you unless I absolutely have to. I’ll make sure to invite you in even during the times where I feel I don’t deserve you. Because I can’t exist without you. You are not my enemy. I want to honor you, in all your smells and tastes and textures, with good preparation. I will honor where you come from and honor the way you bring people into community. You are sacred. You are sacrifice. You are life.

I made this for my coven the other night for our Mabon dinner and it was an instant hit! This is vegetarian and gluten free! Yes, you can make this with regular bread if you wish, although, we all liked the texture of the gluten free bread in it (it doesn’t get as mushy). This is pretty adaptable, and according to my original sources, you could also use cooked rice instead of bread. I may also make a non-veg version of this by adding some cooked bacon. (Mmmmm….bacon!) I was inspired to try doing a stuffed pumpkin by this blogContinue Reading

I’ve been doing a lot of “adulting” in the last few weeks, most specifically around beauty and health. I’m a little conflicted around talking about my own health stuff online, since I know that for other people (including myself) there are times I just don’t want to hear about someone’s exercise schedule, especially because our society is really messed up around conflating exercise with weight loss. I get that, and really, this isn’t to brag about my current exercise regimen or anything like that, but to talk about the reasons why I’ve decided to do what I’ve been doing. IContinue Reading

Right now, I’m in the middle of my time with The Dagda. Getting up earlier to make breakfast took a bit of getting used to, but it’s been nice to sit and eat with my wife before she goes to work in the morning. The other side of having to make food for others as ritual is that it really brings up the messed up relationship I’ve had with food and with my body. I’m facing the reality of being the one who feeds people and eating with others. It’s complex: There’s the whole idea of finding it hard toContinue Reading