The weather is changing. The weather here in Chicago is much different from the Bay Area. The cold actually surprised me. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt real cold. This is the beginning of the cold that bites your cheeks, making you run for the covers and some hot chocolate. The cold also brings back body memories from when I lived in New Hampshire and the Northeast. Like the smell of tobacco reminds me of my grandfather, the cold reminds me of growing up, among other things. The shorter days makes me want to hibernate, but I knowContinue Reading

The house feels like ours because we chose this one or maybe, Spirit led us to this one but this on we chose and it feels right

and as I sat there I felt the energy of us melt away from the house until, finally they said “We’re done.” I signed the papers turned out the lights locked the doors and suddenly it was the place we once lived in and not home

you know it’s time for bed when you are watching YouTube without thinking about it because right now that is what I’m doing and writing poetry because that’s the 21st century and my wife is home and I’m not so yeah time for bed

3 weeks from now I will be in a different town with snow a lake and people In a new house that will smell the way only new places have like bleach and Pledge and paint The cats will hate us and then explore the new house claiming their territories as we claim bedrooms and desks I will look out of a new window and wonder about possibilites ministries and magick I will order groceries unpack boxes and decide where the toothbrush will go Then I will explore and find a cafe with wifi fancy homemade tea and a tableContinue Reading

With Pantheacon now over, the move is becoming much more real. If I didn’t get to see you at Pcon, I apologize, as my back was being super cranky, which made staying in the suite most of the time less stressful. It was, however, an awesome time, as usual, and I’m really glad to have been able to talk with all sorts of folks, use my possessory skills, and even do an initiation! After resting for a couple of days, we had cleaners come and give a good clean to our kitchen and bathrooms so that the landlord can giveContinue Reading

Most of you know by now that the wife and I are moving to the Chicago area in March. There’s a lot of feelings around this move for me: excitement, fear, stress, wonder, and grief. It’ll be sad to leave the Bay Area as we’ve both lived here for over 10 years, built a witchcraft tradition, and made many many wonderful friends. That is definitely the hardest part about this move. But we’ve also both realized that it’s time for change. We’ve both been a bit stuck creatively, and this will give us a chance to start some things overContinue Reading

So, we had some technical difficulties with my personal site over the last couple of months, but now I’m finally back! Expect a lot of blogging from me in the next few weeks as a way of dealing with the stress of de-crapifying our house and moving to Chicago! Yup. For those of you who don’t know yet (which, I’m sure are few), the wife and I are moving to Chicago at the end of February (the weekend after Pantheacon to be precise). It’s scary, exciting, and stressful all at once, which every house move is, really. But I doContinue Reading