Why must I amputate my stomach to fulfill some fucked up standards of “health” and “beauty”? why is it i feel like I am bashing my head against walls when I talk about how I think this is just medically sanctioned anorexia why must i be shamed and abused and medically neglected “for my health” why must i always strive to take up less and less s p a c e ?

One of my oft-heard complaints is that we need to have more body representation in our deity images. Now that my wife has renewed her photography art, we both got the push to create a picture of a Goddess with specific attributes. We did the photoshoot this morning, and here’s the final composition: We’re not quite sure who, exactly, this Goddess is (although, if anyone has any ideas, feel free to let me know in the comments, or through email). It was a lot of fun doing the shoot, and I did all my own makeup! This involved buying aContinue Reading

I’ve been doing a lot of “adulting” in the last few weeks, most specifically around beauty and health. I’m a little conflicted around talking about my own health stuff online, since I know that for other people (including myself) there are times I just don’t want to hear about someone’s exercise schedule, especially because our society is really messed up around conflating exercise with weight loss. I get that, and really, this isn’t to brag about my current exercise regimen or anything like that, but to talk about the reasons why I’ve decided to do what I’ve been doing. IContinue Reading