Cartoon by Rosangela Ludovico You can’t go anywhere on the internet these days without some sort of article about how smartphones are making us stupid, or complaining about how no one talks to each other anymore. Or the multitude of memes comparing teenagers on cell phones to zombies. Granted, there is always the grumbling from the previous generations about the technology of the newer generations but for introverted, curious, nerdy writers like me, the gadgets are a lifesaver. To be honest, I’m one of those folks who will have their nose in a gadget (my phone, laptop, or Kindle) mostContinue Reading

When you work in a lab, there’s significant down time in which one has no other purpose than to think. Honestly, there’s not much else to do when you have a thirty minute incubation and you’ve completed all the paperwork that your test requires. It’s not even time to surf the ‘net properly (although you’re not supposed to technically do so, per company policy, but everyone does it anyway). The only other option left is to play a game of Solitaire, but when it’s a Friday night and you’re a bit punchy because it’s been a long week, even Solitaire isn’t enough.Continue Reading

I want to talk about something that will poke a lot of my fellow seminary students, and maybe even quite a few people in the various social media outlets I’m on. There are a lot of posts about privilege and oppression out there. I agree, quite strongly, that these are important subjects and that people should learn about their various areas of privilege or lack of privilege in their own lives. But some of the ways that liberal/progressive (and primarily academic) culture makes me wonder if we’re doing more harm than good for those who are actually trying to learn.Continue Reading

I know some people probably assumed that lack of time and going to grad school were the main reasons I demitted from the Order of Eastern Star. (These are true, for the most part, and I’d include my initiating chapter being in New Hampshire as another.) But the actual reason is because of my wife, who is transgender. I promised her that I would not be involved in organizations that wouldn’t accept her as well as me, and frankly, OES (and by extension, other Masonic orders) has no statement of inclusion on the state or national levels. The closest isContinue Reading

The hardest thing about being Wiccan and Christian is being both in a world that expects you to be either/or. Even for the most liberal minded, on either side, there can be a subtle, unconscious idea that someday I’ll just pick one. On the Christian side, I can be seen as doing things that are “of the Devil” or it’s assumed that now that I “know Jesus” I’ll start to leave my witchcraft behind. On the Wiccan side, my going to a Christian church means that I’m either a traitor, or that I’m going to completely convert and become someContinue Reading

Dear Ms. Rice, You posted the following on Facebook the other day (and followed up with a few other posts along the same vein): “As I said before, I fear Christianity. I have found it to be an immoral religion. And I have found it to be a very very aggressive religion which does a great deal of harm in the world. Christians in America spend millions trying to influence legislation and elections to limit the rights of women and the rights of gays. They do not leave the rest of us alone. They do not respect the rest ofContinue Reading

Rev. Snark sent the 4M a link to this article in Rolling Stone about a town that has had 9 suicides of teens who identified as queer, or were perceived as queer. That’s 9 suicides in two years. Let me say that again: 9 suicides in two years. Our society tends to think that words are something you can just brush off. You know the old saying: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.” You can’t just brush it off. If you’ve been told over, and over, and over, and over and over justContinue Reading

I was reading about Paula Deen’s announcement that she had Type II diabetes, and has been dealing with it for awhile. The comments I’ve seen have made me angry. It gets me that there are attitudes that put the idea forward that “Well, just look at the food she made! She deserved to get diabetes!” Deserved? Because she cooked food she liked? I’m not going to go into a thing about how correlation is NOT causation, and how genetics play the biggest role in who gets diabetes. I don’t deny the fact that food does play a factor in diabetes,Continue Reading

I was going to sit and write an anecdote about a conversation I had the other day with someone who felt that charities could provide all the social services needed to help people out. I pointed out that, if it was a perfect world, and there was no discrimination (class, race, sex, gender, etc), then that might work. But we don’t live in that society. I don’t mind listening to opposing viewpoints, in fact, I love a good debate if the other person respectfully listens and thinks about what I’m saying. Unlike the person I was talking to, most don’t.Continue Reading

I got into the Fat Acceptance movement awhile back, and as many people know, I was really into it. I was excited about it, and was happy to find people who had the same disgust at societal body norms as I did. Anger at the diet industry, being a BMI and not a patient, and a lot of past stuff really came out for me. Yeah, and I did my fair share of “Real Woman Have Curves” bullshit, too. At one point, someone rightly pointed out something that I bitch about quite a bit myself: hating at the skinny girlsContinue Reading