My wife asked me to write this because in a group she’s in on Facebook she hears many stories about partners (usually long term husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc) getting all bent out of shape about their partner taking the time to work on and enjoy their hobbies. Usually, this manifests as one partner telling the other that they can’t do their hobby or go out without them because they should be spending all their free time with them. This societal trope is everywhere, including in movies and TV, and it’s lauded as “romantic” because apparently, according to what we’reContinue Reading

There are many things that make Zurich a wonderful place to live and experience, but you have to admit: if one is a clergy person, and particularly clergy of the Christian persuasion, Zurich, and Switzerland as a whole, is a theological history heaven. Because I’m both a history nerd and a religion nerd, I intend to learn about all the history here and also see all the relevant sites! (Well, see as much as I can.) If you don’t know your Christian history, Zurich was one of the centers of the Reformation in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries.Continue Reading

Once the end of November comes around, Zürich starts to transform. Greenery and lights are put up on all the main streets. Large Christmas trees start appearing at plazas and train stations. All the stores get a makeover of Christmas colors: red, green, silver, white, and gold. Little stalls start popping up all over selling roasted chestnuts. In short, Zürich becomes a Yuletide fairyland, and it is incredibly magical! One of the first things that happens the last week of November is the lighting of the “Lucy Lights” on Bahnhofstrasse. These lights are strung up the entire length of Bahnhofstrasse,Continue Reading

One of the things about living in another country is remembering to be flexible and learning humility. Zürich won’t, and shouldn’t, conform to me – I have to conform to it. I need to learn the language, figure out how to pay the bills, follow the rules and laws, and accept that nothing here will be exactly like where I came from. While there are a lot of foods and things I miss from the US, there are quite good analogs for many things that we want and we can get here. For the things I can’t get here, IContinue Reading

I didn’t think I could fall in love with a city, but I’m falling in love with Zürich. Right now, I’m sitting at a local coffee shop, and I can hear the church bells ringing close by. I got here by bus (we have two bus stops within easy walking distance from our house) and a short walk. The coffee, of course, is excellent. While I sit here, I can look across the street at an older apartment building that has old European style architecture. I look left and there’s a very modern looking building, and when I look rightContinue Reading

Yesterday, not even 24 hours after Senator John McCain passed, I posted the following on Facebook: So, here’s my dilemma: The queer politics nerd in me agrees with all the folks posting about John McCain’s horrid politics of recent years (including inflicting Sarah Palin on national politics and healthcare). However, the priest in me, who has worked with the dying and with grieving families is like: “Fucking hell people, the guy hasn’t even been dead 24 hours!” I have always been a heretic…. There were some comments to this post that made me think that some people might be misunderstandingContinue Reading

The Progressive Christian Alliance has released a statement about the administration’s brutal policies on immigration. Read the statement here.