So, this year I’m working on getting my writing mojo back, and I’m doing pretty good so far. Not only have I finished my mystic novella (woot!) I’ve also written a short Star Trek fanfic. The Wife and I have been watching The Next Generation from the beginning with the German dub track and English subtitles for listening and vocabulary practice, and well, I got inspired. You can read it on AO3 here: Dagda’s Warning (2035 words) by worthyadvisorChapters: 1/1Fandom: Star Trek: The Next Generation, Celtic MythologyRating: General AudiencesWarnings: No Archive Warnings ApplyCharacters: Original, Worf (Star Trek:TNG/DS9), Jean-Luc Picard, MilesContinue Reading

Fullmetal Alchemist is by Hiromu Arakawa. I’m just playing in their world for a bit. Also, the pic is not mine, if you know who made it, please let me know. All of this happened because of love. We wanted her back because we loved her so much. Then we found out about the cost. I don’t know, Edward… Maybe if we had loved her better, or I had loved you both better, things would have been different. I’m just a man, though, and I’m not perfect. Why you still stay with me and love me is something I don’tContinue Reading

Art from here. Ouran High School Host Club is by Bisco Hatori. I’m just playing in their world. “CAKIE! CAKIE! CAKIE!” Honey-kun cried as Haruhi brought the cakes to the table. The girls surrounding Honey-kun and Mori giggled while they watched Honey-kun dive into the cakes with abandon. Haruhi walked back to the prep area. As she got out the kettle to heat the water for coffee, Haruhi mused about the mass of contradictions that each of the Host Club members were. Fierce, kind, loyal (in their own ways), and sometimes mean. But through everything, she can respect that they allContinue Reading

Naruto Fan Art by Svertz on Deviant Art. Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto. I’m just playing in his world. “Hey, Kurama!” Naruto whispered. “Shouldn’t you be sleeping?” Naruto looked up at the ceiling. “Can’t sleep.” Kurama let out a long suffering sigh. “You’re not going to make me tell you a story, are you?” “Uh…no…” They were both quiet for a minute. Naruto closed his eyes and saw himself in the inner space he shared with Kurama. The Nine-Tailed Fox eyed him for a moment. “You’re getting better at that.” “Huh. I guess all that sage training paid off. It’s easierContinue Reading

gif from here. Sailor Moon Crystal belongs to Naoko Takeuchi and I just get to play in her world briefly. It’d been not quite a week since they found out about Usagi, and Rei’s visions were getting darker by the hour. It also didn’t help that she now had memories of a life that was so alien and foreign to her current human existence on top of everything else. Some days, she wasn’t sure where her human memories ended and Sailor Mars’ memories began. Even the broom in her hands felt distant. As if that thought reminded her hands thatContinue Reading

I became blessed at that moment, or so I thought. The moment where time stood still. The moment where I knew everything had fallen down around me. The moment I was made. It is the heart of what I became. Whatever possessed me to take up the burden of this life, I will never know, but it was done, and now I cannot go back. I can never go back. I am the Earth’s servant. I bring Death and I exist nowhere. Here is the scene: The sand, cold underneath my feet. Quiet, everything quiet. The water pounding against theContinue Reading

When you work in a lab, there’s significant down time in which one has no other purpose than to think. Honestly, there’s not much else to do when you have a thirty minute incubation and you’ve completed all the paperwork that your test requires. It’s not even time to surf the ‘net properly (although you’re not supposed to technically do so, per company policy, but everyone does it anyway). The only other option left is to play a game of Solitaire, but when it’s a Friday night and you’re a bit punchy because it’s been a long week, even Solitaire isn’t enough.Continue Reading