Audio and Video

Audio Work

This Week In Heresy Podcast: This Week In Heresy (TWIH) was a weekly interview podcast that attempted to give voice to religious and progressive people who aren’t normally heard in mainstream media. I did all of the production work, interview recording and content editing myself, with sound editing initially by Sarah Thompson. I took over sound editing using Adobe Audition in the second year of the podcast.

My WECW Interview with WineField: WECW is Elmira College’s student run radio station, which I became a part of halfway during my freshman year of college until I graduated in 1998. In my senior year, when I was programming director, I had a chance to interview the local upstate NY band WineField after they played in our school’s snack pub “MacKenzie’s.” This was the first time I had interviewed anyone on air. The interview was recorded in the station during my weekly show using the studio’s equipment.

Videography and Video Collaborations

This Week In Heresy YouTube Show: Before TWIH was a podcast, it was a short lived YouTube show that had religious news, commentary, and guest features. Along with coming up with the show’s concept, I also did all of the production work, talent procurement, content research, editing, and videography myself. I had effects, title, and sound help from Sarah Thompson.

Coffee With God YouTube Show: This show was a collaboration with Rev. Lee Whittaker, who wanted to do a sermon/commentary series on YouTube. Rev. Lee came up with all of the content and collaborated on location choice. I did the rest of the production work, videography, editing, and sound, with effects and sound help from Sarah Thompson.


Spin started out as a SFX test for my wife, but ended up more of a music video. I star in this as Hecate, and my wife, Sarah Thompson, did all of the filming, music, and special effects.


This video was created for a seminary class as part of an alternative worship service. The music was done by Mage of Machines, the filming, effects, and editing were all done by me.


This was a short film I helped to produce for my friend Mike Friedrich for his Religion and Film Class. Traveler 1 is R. Philip Tanner, Traveler 2 is Mike Friedrich, and I play Jesus. Mike and I did the editing, and Sarah Thompson did music and SFX.

Video Clips for New Testament Class Project

These two clips were directed, produced, and edited by me, with special effects by Sarah Thompson. The actors were members of my class project team.