For the first 13 years of my career, I was a Quality Control and Documentation specialist in the Biotechnology industry. I have a real passion for SOP and other technical document writing. Working in a regulated environment is completely familiar to me as well as automated and paper management systems. I left the biotech industry in 2011 to attended seminary at Pacific School of Religion and graduated with a Masters of Divinity degree in May of 2014.

I was initiated into an Alexandrian-type coven in 1999 in the Boston area, and received my Second Degree in that coven in 2001. I left my first coven in 2003, moved to California in 2005, and founded the Circle of Cerridwen with my wife in 2009. I received my Third Degree, along with my wife, on Beltane of 2010. In November 2013, I was approved for ordination in the Progressive Christian Alliance, and had my ordination ceremony on March 15, 2014. In March of 2017, my wife and I moved to the Chicago area, and founded the Strophalos of Hecate coven, in the Open Source Alexandrian Tradition.

Currently, my personal practice consists of Open Source Alexandrian Wicca, Christianity, prayer, meditation, shamanism, trance work, aromatherapy/herbalism, little splashes of Enochian/Ceremonial, some Feri techniques, and techniques from other religious traditions. For the last several years I’ve been giving workshops on social justice issues at Pantheacon, and have given workshops about the language we use to describe health and body size. I also have been doing spiritual direction and other spiritual services, including rituals and divination.

Most of my writing work in the last few years (besides seminary coursework) consists of blog posting and editing, essays, fiction, poetry, and writing a book of mystic fiction (in process). I am also the General Manager of Unsubtle Films, LLC.

Besides ministry and writing, I’m also a swimmer, weaver, amateur home cook, crocheter, yarn spinner, soaper, crafter, indie filmmaker, and ham radio operator. Oh, and I usually have brightly colored, or completely shaved, hair.