The hardest thing about being Wiccan and Christian is being both in a world that expects you to be either/or. Even for the most liberal minded, on either side, there can be a subtle, unconscious idea that someday I’ll just pick one.

On the Christian side, I can be seen as doing things that are “of the Devil” or it’s assumed that now that I “know Jesus” I’ll start to leave my witchcraft behind.

On the Wiccan side, my going to a Christian church means that I’m either a traitor, or that I’m going to completely convert and become some version of a Right-Wing Fundamentalist.

And on both sides there are many that proudly proclaim, as if they have all the answers in the universe, that Witchcraft and Christianity can’t possible be compatible, no way, no how!

What’s really difficult about all of this is that these ideas can manifest in unconscious ways. Even from people who know me and know that I’m not out to either curse everyone in sight or covert people to Christianity.

I get that there’s history to deal with here. Lots of bad history. I don’t deny this at all. I accept it.

And yet…

And yet…

I see the beauty in both the Moon and the Cross.

I feel the power of both the Dagda and Jesus Christ.

I hear the spirit in the Charge of the Goddess and the Our Father.

None of these things exist in a vacuum to me. None of these things are incompatible to me. They all resonate with a spiritual power that I can’t deny.

I don’t see either as the enemy of the other.

It’s humans that create enemies, and fear, and hate of the different. Which is a sad thing, because my vision tells me we can be much better than that.

But sometimes, when the doubt comes or I run up against the unconscious assumptions about me, that beautiful vision seems like a far distant fantasy.

And some days, it makes me weep.


    1. I think we did have a pretty interesting conversation about religious stuff one of the times I was at your house for a party….it’s been a long time, though…

  1. It comes down to one word
    Walking between the worlds means you have power in two places. You connect to JC, his unconditional love. You can hold your own in American Society as a Christian. You have power in this sphere.
    But you also commune with the Dagda. You have witchcraft. You can work Magick. This is another kind of power. Two powers. Wow. Folks fear this much power. Folks envy this much power. Folks repeat by rote the words they were taught about this kind of power. No one can take this power from you. BUT… anyone can make you doubt the power. Anyone can make you doubt yourself. A single word from an enemy (or a friend) and your power is useless because of doubt. You know what you know. As you hurt no one, do as you will. Love and BB

  2. My beautiful daughter, I see where you are, you are, in part, in a place I sent you too. I have not believed in anything defined for a very long time and always told you that the only true truth is, is what you are hearing based in love then it is good and of God, so, go towards it, if it speaks of hate or exclusion run away. From what I read here you have based your being, soul, and mind in the love. I think all who know you or come to know you will see this love and be drawn to you. You make your Mom and Dad very proud and you make my heart fly. Love always, Mom

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