Need House Help (Chicago Area)

The wife and I just need a couple of people to help us sort out our house just outside of Chicago. We both have back issues that makes certain chores difficult for us to do without help. The wife is also quite busy with work most of the time and needs weekends to rest and recharge. I work from home during the week, but there’s more than I can handle by myself (see back issues).

We also need someone to help ASAP because we have relatives coming for 4th of July week, and need at least the upstairs in some semblance of order before they come visit.

What we need:

1. Someone to do housecleaning. What we usually ask is for cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen, along with sweeping up the common areas (the house is all hardwood floors/tile). $35/hr on a bi-weekly basis.

2. Someone to help us with un-packing our house, breaking down boxes, organizing, putting up art, taking out recycles and trash, etc. This person should be able to lift and carry stuff like books and furniture around, help with putting together new furniture, and help bring recycling to the recycle center with me (lots of boxes and paper from the moving company). There might be other odd jobs, too, and I’ll be helping as I can (minus major lifting) as I work from home. I’d like someone to come over at least once a week, but preferably 2-3 times a week for about a month or so. Rates for this will be negotiable, but around the average rates for organizer types in the area ($35-$60/hour).

The people we get for these positions must be queer/trans/pagan friendly. They also need to be kitty friendly (or allergy medicated accordingly) as we have 2 cats (I won’t ask folks to take care of the litter boxes, though). We are close to transit and bus lines, so taking public transit to our house is possible.

If you’re interested, please email me at (email is best) with a time and day for you to come and meet with me and my wife for an interview. If you have references, feel free to bring them, but they are not absolutely required. If you are outside the area and know someone here who could use a job of this sort, we do welcome referrals.

Lent Poetry: Cats

I watch from above
or behind the curtains
from the end of the bed
the box in the corner
I talk to you when I need
and sit on you when i want to
or when you’re sad
or sick
or happy
I will ignore you sometimes
and sometimes you will ignore me
but you are my human
that how it